Michelin Super Sport

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  • Type Tyres
  • Vendor MICHELIN
  • Barcode 495456

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For sport oriented passenger cars and ultra-high performance tuning vehicles.
An exhilarating driving sensation combined with safety.

275/35R19 for BMW M3/M4 Rear and for BMW M3 G80 Front

255/35R19 For BMW M3/M4 Front

265/35R20 for BMW M5/M6 Front

265/30R20 for BMW M3/M4 Competition Front and M5/M6 Front

285/30R20 For BMW M3/M4 Competition Rear and M3 G80 Rear

295/30R20 For BMW M5/M6 Rear

245/35r19 For BMW M2

275/40R18 For BMW M2 Front